South Africa Rainbow Nation

South Africa Rainbow Nation

This name describes the unique diversity of race, culture & languages within the borders of South Africa. The country’s complicated past and inequities are still with us and the goals of racial harmony are still elusive. However South Africans have learned to live with each other and even celebrate their differences. South Africa Has eleven official languages, English being the most common however most South Africans are multi-lingual. Art in South Africa is strong although eternally under-funded. Township artwork (paintings, sculptures & beadwork) is on an upward climb on international markets. This vibrant mixture of cultures isn’t for the meek.

Wildlife in South Africa

South Africa has become world renowned for its national parks.

All the larger parks and some of the smaller ones ensure they have the Big Five, Lion, Elephant, Leopard, Buffalo and Rhino but these are only a few of the many animal species this country has to offer.

A different Big Five are attracting visitors from all over the world.

South Africa’s ocean currents allow for many whales, dolphins and sharks to visit our shores (in excess of 50 species).

The “Offshore Big Five” include:

The Great White Shark – can be viewed feeding from a variety of locations on motor launches but is best viewed from a cage lowered into the ocean.

Southern Right Whale – best viewed from Hermanus, Walkerbay, known as the best land based whale watching site in the world. Boat-based whale watching is also available from various locations.

Bottelnosed Dolphin – the most visible of the five, look as if they are dancing along the waves in large schools.

Blue-Marlin – they provide an unbeatable fishing experience. Found along the East coast.

Yellowish Tuna – simply the most impressive fish of its kind. Found along the Cape Peninsula.

Main Tourist Attractions within South Africa

Cape Peninsula

– Table Mountain

– Cape Winelands

– Cape Point

Kruger National Park

Garden Route

Kwazulu Natal Parks & Mountains

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